Edgeworth Cricket Club Win UK Pub Poker Championship

Courtesy of 888.com the individual winner of the Championship wins an entry to a UKIPT main event as part of an overall sponsorship package where APAT members have the chance to win added value throughout a packed season of Live and Online National Championships and leagues.  In addition, each of the season’s seventy five amateur, professional and online tournaments are run completely registration free for players.

Points positions for the team eventstarted from 50th place down, and at that point Edgeworth Cricket Club still had seven of their eight players remaining. Short-stacked Noe Purdie then went on a tear, her stack climbing from 6,000 at the last break of the night to end the night chip leader ahead of a player high in the chip counts all day, Phil Jones.

At the end of Day One the five chip leaders, were as follows

Noe Purdie (The Ranch Bar)   183400
Phil Jones (Edgworth Cricket Club)   164200
Charlie Hind (Whitby Sports & Social)   76800
Ian Szerlowski (The Pavilion)   76100
Ian Dunn (The Plough)   69600

and the teams with the most runners remaining were The Ranch Bar and the Wellington Hotel, with Edgeworth having the highest points score from the early points positions.

At the start of Day Two, 24 runners remained with 12 individuals paid. After four hours, the final table line up was as follows:

Noe Purdie (The Ranch Bar)   239000
Tony Trippier (New Talbot)   170000
Phil Jones (Edgworth Cricket Club)   145000
Charlie Hind (Whitby Sports & Social)   136000
Ian Szerlowski (The Pavilion)   133000
Liam Dennehy (Trade Club)   108000
Brian Yates (New Talbot)   100000
Colin Turnbull (Travellers Rest)   93000
John Lawson (The Ranch Bar)   84000
Arthur Harvey (Trade Club)   75000

The team event was won before the final table, leaving the individual prizes to play for.

After several hours play two players from the New Talbot in West Bromwich Tony Trippier and Brian Yates were three handed against Phil Jones from team winners Edgworth. Trippier knocked out his team mate with pocket tens against Ace-Queen flopping Quads before he accounted for Jones Ace-Queen against Ace-Four Heads Up

Tony Trippier became the APAT UK Pub Poker Champion 2011 winning £900 and a UKIPT Main Event seat, with Edgworth Cricket Club, Derbyshire the winning team.