Gambling Network Win Back To Back UK Titles

The Amateur Association & Poker Tour (APAT) dropped anchor in the G Casino in Luton this weekend for its annual APAT UK Team Championships.

Although the tournament was essentially a standard freezeout, the 200 players who had bought in were also part of one of 25 teams. Players earned their team points based on their own finishing positions, with the £10,000 prize pool split evenly between teams and individuals.

With individual and team pride at stake, the stakes were much higher than the money involved, with everyone wanting to win. However, it was a case of history repeating itself a the Gambling Network Forum cruised to victory for the second consecutive year.

With 33 players remaining, Gambling Network Forum still had four of its members in the field, and their victory was confirmed and £2,500 was given to them to share among its eight team members.

2013 APAT UK Team Championship Results

Position Team Prize
1 Gambling Network Forum £2,500
2 APAT South West £1,500
3 The Hendon Mob £1,000

The individual prize pool was highly sought after too, with £1,000 up for grabs for the eventual champion. That champion was Ben Walton, who thanks to representing the Gambling Network Forum, became the first player to win the individual event and be on the winning team since APAT started this fantastic format. Walton defeated Dave Stephenson of the Newcastle Poker Forum heads-up to scoop the win and his second gold medal of the weekend.

2013 APAT UK Team Championship Individual Results (Final Table)

Position Player Team Prize
1 Ben Walton Gambling Network Forum £1,000
2 Dave Stephenson Newcastle Poker Forum £750
3 Cecilia Sparke Bristol & SW Poker Meetup £500
4 Ian Witt In The Muck Poker £450
5 Tom Fielding Gambling Network Forum £300
6 Brian Frew Edgworth Cricket Club £250
7 Phil Hertel Blackbelt Poker £250
8 Graham Gorton Black Country Poker Club £200
9 Jo Harris Live Pub Poker League £150

If you would like to become a member of APAT then all you need to do is head to their website and register. It is completely free and we are 100% sure you will not regret getting involved in one of poker’s great communities

Matthew Pitt, UK PokerNews Editor reporting.