Joe crowned English Amateur Poker Champion

Friday 29th May saw action get under way for the first stop of APAT’s Season 9 Tour at Grosvenor’s G Casino at Ricoh Arena in Coventry, and following a reduction of the field to 27 players, play resumed for Day 2 at noon on Sunday.

First loss of the day was Adam Phelan when he 3-bet his short stack of 13 BBs with A8o only to be called by Andy Overton holding AJo and getting no help from the Board.

With the Top 15 getting paid and 17 remaining, JP Round on 16 BBs pushed all in, Andy Duncan immediately pushed all in for circa 130k and it came to Don Roberts last to act – thought, but not for too long, then folded showing QQ – JP flips over A 10 but Andy shows AA and takes the pot and knocks out JP in 17th spot.

Following the departure of Richard Stone on the bubble, blinds were 3,000/6,000 with 600 Ante at Level 16:

1-1 Lee J French 50k
1-3 Andy Overton 100k
1-5 Andy Duncan 220k
1-6 Roy Smith 210k
1-7 Paul Potter 131k
1-8 Todd Priest 85k
1-9 Don Roberts 128k

2-1 Steve Ball 136k
2-2 Jason Duke 187k
2-3 Stuart Clarke 150k
2-4 Craig Lostitch 42k
2-5 Graham Gorton 57k
2-6 Joe Parcesepe 190k
2-7 Debjani Duncan 100k
2-8 Lee French 195k

Todd Priest departed in 15th when a failed river bluff, when straight and flush draws missed, didn’t get through Don Roberts.

Local player Graham Gorton departed in 11th to take us to the Final Table (9) bubble, which was subsequently bust when Lee J French’s Q9 gets caught by Andy Duncan’s A5 on a Board AAQJ:

1 – Stuart Clarke 225k
2 – Lee J French 190k
3 – Don Roberts 108k
4 – Andy Duncan 200k
5 – Steve Ball 254k
6 – Roy Smith 250k
7 – Paul Potter 150k
8 – Jason Duke 252k
9 – Joe Parcespes 290k

First to depart is Roy Smith when he AK doesn’t improve past Joe Parcespes’ JJ, followed by an unlucky Andy Duncan who jams AT only for Stuart Clarke to mumble something like ‘all in’ without realizing Andy had already made the same move… and it stands with him showing A4 and he spikes a 4 on the Flop to send Andy to the rail.

Stuart Clarke busts another a few minutes later with the Board 5c 3c 3s and him facing a shove from Paul Potter he calls with Ac 6c to find Kc on the Turn and Paul departed in 7th.

Blind v Blind Jason Duke jams with Kc 6c but walks into the QQ of Joe Parcepes, and although Turns a flush draw, departs in 6th. 

We lose Steve Ball in 5th when he shoved on a 345 flop with QT as a bluff but walked into the flopped straight of Joe Parcepes holding A2, and 4th hit the rail when Don Roberts shoved A5 Under The Gun (UTG) but found the BB with AJ which held.

In the medals chip stacks:

Stuart Clarke – 300k
Lee J French – 700k
Joe Parsepes – 1m

Stuart took the Bronze Medal when his JJ was taken down by Lee J French’s AT – winning £1215, and it wasn’t too long before we had a Champion when Lee shoved with K4 and is called by Joe with J7 – the Board running out 2A972 and Joe’s J7 getting there.

Lee departed with the Silver Medal and £1970 and we crowned the English Amateur Poker Champion – Joe Parsepes, winning Gold Medal, a seat at the forthcoming World Championship Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) and £2,925.