John McGlynn tops Scottish Amateur Poker Championship

John McGlynn outlasted 172 other players at the Scottish Amateur Poker Championship to take home the Gold Medal, added value of a seat in the World Championship Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) over the Easter weekend in Aspers Casino, Stratford, London and a payday of £4,345.

John beat Andy Whiteford Heads Up, Andy winning Silver Medal and a prize of £2,470, with the Bronze Medal going to Paul Thomson who also scooped £1,420.

On the Final Table (9) bubble at Level 19 with Blinds 6000/12000 and Ante 1500 and Average Stacks 250k, William Miskelly gets it all in (140k) with 9c Qs and John Harley calls holding Ad Js – Flop comes Ac Jc 6s and the Turn As sets William off on the walk to the cash table, only to be recalled when the count for John reveals his stack is 116k – William therefore getting back circa 25k.  Next hand William goes all in for 25k and gets 2 callers, both callers check it down, missing the Board which has 2 Aces, and William takes the pot with A 10 to triple up…  William again shoves his stack with Ks 3s and is called by Benjamin Burnhill with Kd Jc – Flop Jh 10h 3c Turn 5c and River 10s sends William to the rail in 10th spot.

1 Charles Kearns 178k
2 Andy Whiteford 392k
3 John Mcglynn 488k
4 John Harley 316k
5 Kevin Simpson 347k
6 Erasmo Marco 173k
7 Andrew Good 130k
8 Paul Thomson 223k
9 Benjamin Burnhill 360k

In Level 20 Charles Kearns in the SB shoves circa 4 x BBs and is called by the BB Andy Whiteford.  Charles Ad 10c, Andy Jd 10s – Flop Kh 2h Qs Turn 2s leaves Charles having to avoid any Ace or 9 which would give Andy a straight, or any J which would give Andy a pair Jacks, but River comes the As… and Charles departs as first casualty on Final Table.

Level 20 brings a shove from Erasmo Marco with Kd Qs and is called by Paul Thomson with Ah Jd – Erasmo still very much alive though, and as the Flop comes 9h 10s 4c he gets a few more outs… Turn 9d pairs the board and a River 10d  gives 2 pair on the board, with Paul’s Ah playing and knocking our Erasmo in 8th

Shortly after with John Harley sitting on around 8 x BBs he pushes when he picks up a pock pair 5h 5c and he gets called by Benjamin Burnhill though picking up Kh Kc which holds and John leaves in 7th.

Andrew Good feels the need to shove – holding 8h 9h – and Andy Whiteford feels the need to call – holding Kc Ks – an exciting flop comes 10c 7h 2s but with Turn 2d and River 8c no help for Andrew he leaves in 6th.

Returning from a 15 min break action re-starts on Level 22 on 15k/30k (3k) – average 519k:

S2 Andy Whiteford 700k
S3 John McGlynn 355k
S5 Kevin Simpson 690k
S8 Paul Thomson 223k
S9 Benjamin Burnhill 360k

With average stack 648k, Andy Whiteford pushes all in for 809k with 7d 7c and is called by Benjamin Burnhill with Ac Kc – Flop destroys Benjamin coming 4h Js 7h and Turn 10c and River 3c seals it with Benjamin departing in 5th.

Kevin Simpson pushed all in for 340k with 4d Kd and is called by Paul Thomson 5c 5d –Flop 6s 5s 2c does the damage (Turn 4s and River 4h!) and we lose Kevin in 4th.

Paul Thomson heading towards a short stack raised in the BB to 120k, John McGlynn re-raises all in leaving Paul pot committed and he makes the call.

Paul tables Kd Jd against John’s Qh Qs and Board comes 7d 6h 3d 10c 3s and we lose Paul in 3rd spot, winning Championship Bronze Medal and £1,420.

Heads Up play got underway between Andy Whiteford (started FT with 392k in 2nd spot) and John McGlynn (488k FT chip leader) – and it’s not a long drawn out battle…L23 20k/40k (4k)…

Flop Kc 9s 4c and Andy bets 175k, John pushes all in for 1,055,000 chips and is called by Andy (who has John covered)

John shows 10h Kd for top pair… only for Andy to table As Ah

Turn 10d to give John 2 pair… and River 5d gives us an event final hand with John’s Top 2 Pair beating Andy’s pocket Aces.

Runner Up Andy Whiteford wins Championship Silver Medal and £2,470.

John McGlynn is crowned Scottish Amateur Poker Champion – winning Gold Medal, added value seat in upcoming WCOAP and £4,345.