Jon Seals WCOAP Stud Title

Cumbria’s Jon Seal won the Seven Card Stud WCOAP Championship event, sponsored by DTD Poker, beating local player Peter Thorpe Heads Up after a hard fought final table.  47 players sat down to play a discipline not often found on the UK tournament scene these days and early exits included last year’s winner Ian Thompson and former WCOAP Player of the series Paul Pitchford.

Eventually the final table line up was as follows

1    Peter Thorpe (43,500)
2    Suruj Miah (28,400)
3    Gavin Jones (28,500)
4    Andrew Duncan (49,800)
5    John-paul Round (67,100)
6    Jon Seal (16,800)
7    David Craigon (8,800)
8    Philip Mildon (38,200)

Craigon, Round and Miah fell before the money spots, with Thorpe the chip leader at that point having doubled through Round with Aces against Kings.

Jon Seal knocked out Gavin Jones in fifth with trip Aces, and then Andrew Duncan in fourth to begin to challenge Thorpe for the chip lead. Seal then moved into pole position, knocking Mildon out in third via hitting Quad Eights against Aces.

Heads-Up Jon Seal rivered a straight to beat trip Kings and then two pair beat pocket Jacks to give him the victory and the first Championship title in this year’s World Championship Of Amateur Poker.