Liam Batey Wins WCOAP Six Max Championship

The final table began with three young players, Liam Batey, Liam Crawford and chip leader Daniel Partridge all holding over 250,000 chips. Short-stack Lukas Dasynski, the winner of the APAT Welsh Amateur Championship earlier in the current APAT season, was eliminated on the first hand of the final by Partridge.

Portugese player Nuno Andrade, a member of the medal winning Portugal team in the WCOAP Team Championship, was then extremely unlucky in consecutive hands. He pushed Pocket Kings and was called all-in by Ian Gregory with Ace-Five suited. Gregory rivered a gusthot straigt to leave Andrade severely low on chips. Next hand, finding King-Queen he shoved and was called by the big blind Partridge with Four-three. Andrade flopped a King but two threes fell on the board to knock him out sixth.

Partridge by now had a commanding position, especially after he knocked Gregory out in fifth. Partridge was playing with flair, in most pots. Liam Crawford fell in fourth at the hands of APAT regular Phil Tompkinson, losing a race with Ace-Queen against pocket Tens.

Tompkinson himself fell in third, Liam Batey flopping top pair maning local player Liam Batey and Daniel Partridge began Heads Up with equal stacks.

Unsurprisingly with two aggressive players the battle did not take long. Batey raised four-three on the button and Partridge called with a suited Queen in the big blind. The flop gave Partridge second pair and Batey a straight draw. Batey turned the straight, which led to both stacks in the middle, and Partridge drawing dead. Liam Batey thus secured the Championship and first prize of over £2,000.

Sunday 28th August
Dusk Till Dawn Nottingham
Buy In £53
Entries 114
Prize Pool £6,042

1 Liam Batey £2,115
2 Dan Partridge £1,239
3 Phil Tompkinson £816
4 Liam Crawford £544
5 Ian Gregory £393
6 Nuno Andrade £272
7 Lukas Dasysnki £211
8 Nazar Wrigley £151
9 Paul Haycock £121
10 Vaino Tiik £91
11 Gareth Johns £91