Lukas Dasynski Wins Welsh Amateur Title

Over the weekend of 28th-29th May 2011 APAT held the third event in it’s fifth season, sponsored by, with the Welsh Amateur Poker Championships held at the Les Croupiers Casino, Cardiff and 168 runners playing to win over £4,000 as part of a £12,600 prize pool.

Courtesy of the winner of the Championship wins an entry to a UKIPT main event as part of an overall sponsorship package where APAT members have the chance to win added value throughout a packed season of Live and Online National Championships and leagues. In addition, each of the season’s seventy five amateur, professional and online tournaments are run completely registration free for players.

After three exits on the same table in the first level Alan Vaughan took his seat as the final alternate and proceeded to chip up quickly, a process that was to end with him as the day one Chip leader. This was ahead of former APAT Heads-Up and Omaha Champion Dave Howard who was always near the head of the chip counts.

Beneath those two players no dominating chip stacks emerged, and a higher than usual 36 players made it through to Day two, with 16 players to be paid. In those 36 players many players local to Cardiff were prominent notably Henry Griffiths and Chris Moore

At the end of Day One the five chip leaders, were as follows

Alan Vaughan 149,100
Dave Howard 139,800
Chris Burton 103,800
Henry Griffiths 69,300
James Barber 65,400

At the start of Day Two Dave Howard moved into a commanding position, eliminating several players on his way to a 350,000 stack, four times the average, with 20 players left. Alan Vaughan maintained his position and Lukas Dasynski knocked out three players near the final table, two in one hand when Pocket sevens hit a straight against an overpair and two over-cards, all three stacks in pre-flop.

The final table line up was as follows:

Dave Howard 334,200
Alan Vaughan 301,800
Anthony Johnson 250,700
Lukas Dasynski 221,700
Paul Williams 179,500
Bob Bulman 129,600
Darren Moore 128,800
Jon O’Neil 84,100
Gareth Acreman 33,700
Gavin Morgans 13,500

Blinds on the final began at 4,000-8,000 with an Average stack of 168,000.

Morgans trebled up first hand of the final and Acreman finished tenth when his pocket fives were counterfeited on the river by Alan Vaughan’s Ace-Ten on a double paired board. Morgans exited next hand when his Ace-King was outdrawn by Darren Moore’s Ace-Ten, Ten on the flop.

Williams then won a 300,000 chip pot when flopping four to the straight and flush against Darren Moore’s over-pair to the flop. Williams hit his draw on the river and Moore exited next hand in eighth. Williams then lost ground doubling up several players. He then called a Dave Howard raise in the big blind and was all in on the flop with an up and down straight draw against Aces. He missed, and departed in seventh.

Short-stack of six Jon O’Neill then ran Ace-Nine into the on fire Dave Howard’s Pocket Queens and was out sixth. Anthony Johnson lost a blind on blind confrontation with Alan Vaughan to leave him short-stacked, exiting in fifth at the hands of now big chip leader Dave Howard.

Four handed Lukas Dasynski knocked out Bob Bulman, with Pocket Jacks in the blinds against a shoved Ace-ten. Howard lost a big pot to Vaughan three handed with flopped flush draw against flopped set and he then set about rebuilding his stack over two hours. He did so but eventually fell to Lukas Dasynski, Pocket Jacks outdrawn by Ace ten.

Heads up Alan Vaughan and Lukas Dasynski battled for the title for several hours until the key hand where Vaughan flopped the nut flush, Dasynski two pair, and Dasynski rivered the full house to win the title.

Lukas Dasynski from London became the APAT Welsh Amateur Poker Champion 2011 winning £4,032 and a UKIPT Main Event seat.