Planes, Trains and Automobiles as APAT Smashes Scottish Record

The very last APAT live event pre-Covid was the weekend of 13 March 2020 where 209 entries played out the weekend with a Main Event and 2 Side Events at Genting Casino Fountain Park – the weekend prior to the Nationwide lockdown – and whilst back then Michel Yacoub topped a 132-strong field to take down the Main Event, APAT’s return visit over the weekend of  9 June 2023, this time to the Grosvenor Maybury Casino, proved an epic performance all-round.

Whilst Leigh travelled via car and plane, and myself car and train, both from the South Coast of England to the East shores of Scotland and the Grosvenor Edinburgh Maybury Casino, they proved journeys well worth it as the weekend played out with record APAT Scotland numbers – over all events 389 entries, with a new APAT Scotland Main Event record set with a total of 227 entries, smashing the previous 173 set in March 2015 during APATs Season 8 – then taken down by Scotland’s John Mcglynn in his first-ever Hendon Mob cash / record.


Fri 9th 6pm Scottish Amateur Poker Championship Day 1A (NLHE) (£100+£20)
Sat 10th 3pm Scottish Amateur Poker Championship Day 1B (NLHE) (£100+£20)
Sat 10th 8pm NLHE £58+£12
Sun 11th 1pm Scottish Amateur Poker Championship Day 2
Sun 11th 2pm Scottish PLO Amateur Poker Championship £100+£20
Sun 11th 5pm NLHE £58+£12 

Nazar Mohammed was the first Main Event Qualifier to secure his spot on Day 2 having sailed through the Online Day 1 on APAT’s online partner platform, GGPoker – joined by 17 live Day 1a Qualifiers (111 entries) from Friday and the same number from the live Day 1b on Saturday (111 entries) – each of the 3 days played down to 15% of entries with all 35 Qualifiers returning on Sunday for Day 2 with a min cash locked up and with £3,500 up top for the Scottish National Champion.

APAT Scottish Championship Day 2 Qualifiers

First NameSurnameChipsFirst NameSurnameChips
DH 1,857,000NazarMohammed500,000
MarkFullarton1,236,000Matthew DempsterMclelland459,000
Christopher JamesWilson1,078,000PaulBrown402,000
DamianWarchol1,071,000Nicholas LloydSmith379,000
SaundersHester Johanna956,000RosarioFerrer-perez350,000
Andrew PeterGrant953,000DouglasVeitch339,000
William JamesHiggins719,000DavidWyse247,000
MiguelSalvador Gomez567,000DonaldElliot191,000
Michael EagleWalker565,000DavidCampbell190,000
DavidKingswell549,000Curtis RussellFarrer180,000

First to depart on Day 2, picking up a min cash of £200, was following an All In pre-flop with David Campbell At Risk holding 2♠️ 2♦️ against the 8♠️ 8♦️ of Michael Higgins – and with no luck on the Board David departed in 35th spot.


Whilst down at the business end it got to a Final Table 9

S1 Chris Johnston 2.3m
S2 Ruairidh Anderson 2.4m
S3 Donald Elliot 2.5m
S4 Paul Brown 5.1m
S5 Chris Wilson 2.5m
S6 William Higgins 450k
S7 DH 3.2m
S8 Dave Kingswell 4.1m
S9 Miguel Salvador 700k


10 mins into the FT and William Higgins, short-stacked, has it all in pre-flop holding A♥️ 10♦️ up against Paul Brown, the FT chip leader, who holds K♥️ 10♥️… and with William seeing the K♣️ in the window, and not improving, he is the first to depart the Final Table in 9th spot for £650.

Just another 10 mins later and its 7-handed… Chris Wilsonfinds A♦️A♣️ AND gets an all in to go with them…. Miguel Salvadorbeing the unlucky one to pick up 10♦️10♣️ and finding nothing on the Board departed 8th with £800.

Into Level 14 50k/100k/100k AVG 3.7m and Chris Johnston, who started the FT with 2.3m, picks up 6♣️  6♦️ and ships his now 1.3m chips – Donald Elliot, who has Chris covered makes the call with 10♦️ 10♥️… and as 10♠️ comes in the window we lose Chris in 7th for £950.

Donald Elliotdeparted in 6th for a £1,100 payday, and it went 4-handed with the departure of DHin 5th for £1,350 before Ruairidh Anderson picked up £1,600 as he departed in 4th just shy of a medal when he shoved his short stack with Q♠️ 8♥️ only to run into A♦️ 10♣️ which hit a Straight on the River.

3-handed and ‘in the medals’ Paul Brown shoved pre-flop and is called .. Paul flips 6♣️ 3♣️ and Chris Wilson shows 8<♥️ 8♦️… Flop 7♣️ 9♣️ 3♠️ and Paul is on a Flush draw or hoping for a 3 or a 6… Turn 7♠️ and River 9♠️ and Chris wins the pot with 2 pair… and Paul Brown finishes in 3rd place winning £2k and Championship Bronze Medal.


It goes Heads up with Chris Wilson and Dave Kingswell, with Dave having a 2:1 chip lead …


Dave shoves pre-flop and Chris immediately calls… Dave A♥️ 5♥️ and Chris 10♥️ 10<♦️ and Chris holds and takes 10.4m chips from Dave (Dave on 1.7m)

Dave doubles up soon after when his 10♠️ 7♣️ hits 2 pair on the Flop

And again for Dave… shoves with 89off and gets it through for another Double Up to around 6m v Chris 16m

Still with a significant chip lead, Chris announces All In and Dave immediately calls…

Chris A♥️ 3♣️ ahead of Dave with 10 J off and with Dave at risk the Board comes 4♠️ 5♥️ 9♣️ 5♠️ A♦️ and it comes to an end as Dave Kingswell takes 2nd spot winning Championship Silver Medal and a £2,500 prize


And we crown the Scottish National Champion…


Chris Wilson
Scottish Amateur Poker Champion
National Championship Gold Medal


Nathan Stewartbetters the Scottish PLO Amateur Poker Championship field to take the top pirze of £1,470 and National Championship Gold Medal, with Gavin Patrick 2nd for £1,010 and Silver, and Joe Mcadam3rd for £670 and Bronze.






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