Record breaking APAT Benelux Championship

APAT changed things up a bit for its Benelux season finale event with the introduction of a Progressive Knockout Main Event, a bold move which proved to be a great hit with players and a huge success as the event became the biggest APAT tournament to be hosted in the beautiful Casino de Spa.  Not only that, the tournament also broke the all-time Casino de Spa record for the most entries on a single day!


With 395 total entries, the prize pool smashed the €15,000 guarantee, and as the tournament neared the final stages, the decision to host a Progressive Knockout was starting to show in some of the bounties, which were becoming very big!  DAVY ROOS eliminated the most players as the bounty on his head grew to over €1,600, but his bounty killing eventually came to an end in 3rd place for the Bronze Medal.  It was regular home game player XAVIER CHARLIER who was to receive the biggest bounty of the weekend as he went on to win the APAT Gold Medal, beating JONAS KERCKAERT into Silver Medal position in the Heads Up.  Including bounties, CHARLIER netted almost €6,000 for his win.


Always at the front end of poker event innovation, another APAT event to look out for was the Duo Tag Team Side Event, which had teams of 2 players play the same hand together, each taking turns for the action on every street, but during the hand team members were not allowed to communicate with each other.  KOEN and SABRINA SERRIEN came out on top, beating a field of 22 teams and earning both of them their first ever Hendon Mob flag!


In other weekend action GABI RADU won the Hyper Turbo, local player BRUNO ENGLEBERT topped the 78-player field of the Deepstack and KRIS BOONS took the honours in the High Roller.


Pos. Lastname Firstname Payout (NOT incl Bounties) Country
1 Charlier Xavier 3.494,00 Belgium
2 Kerckaert Jonas 3.494,00 Belgium
3 Roos Davey 2.512,00 Netherlands
4 Biermans Gregory 1.858,00 Belgium
5 Haji Naima 1.462,00 Belgium
6 Moons Kurt 1.002,00 Belgium
7 Dubois Julien 750,00 France
8 Tas Aäron 599,00 Belgium
9 Wielant Jonathan 480,00 Belgium
10 Lemberger Carole 430,00 Belgium
11 Piat David 430,00 Belgium
12 Kock Ralph 384,00 Netherlands
13 Guijo-Nogales Junior 384,00 Belgium
14 Cox Emile 344,00 Netherlands
15 Altena Michael 344,00 Belgium
16 Sente Ludovic 308,00 Belgium
17 Crolla Wilhelmus 308,00 Netherlands
18 Verheyen Tim 275,00 Belgium
19 De Kindt Arne 275,00 Netherlands
20 Latinne Tanguy 275,00 Belgium
21 Croes Ingo 246,00 Belgium
22 Jacobs Roger 246,00 Netherlands
23 Rosskamp Patrick 246,00 Germany
24 Theys Yannick 220,00 Belgium
25 Masquelin Ludovic 220,00 Belgium
26 Lomzik Stéphane 220,00 Belgium
27 Nobels Wesley 196,00 Belgium
28 Carmans Hans 196,00 Belgium
29 De Visscher Edouard 196,00 Belgium
30 Konings Dianne 196,00 Belgium
31 Vander Roost Pierre 196,00 Belgium
32 Godeyne Nicky 174,00 Belgium
33 Bert Alexis 174,00 Belgium
34 Goedhuys Tim 174,00 Belgium
35 Van Ravenstein Ricky 174,00 Netherlands
36 Donche Benoît 155,00 Belgium
37 Trizzulla Nicolas 155,00 Belgium
38 Vermeersch Pieter 155,00 Belgium
39 Vermeul Johann 155,00 Netherlands
40 Fredrix Joep 155,00 Netherlands
41 Verhaegen Maarten 155,00 Belgium
42 Jowa Patrick 155,00 Belgium
43 Kleinen Arnaud 155,00 Belgium
44 Billiet Christopher 155,00 Belgium



APAT’s UK Festival Of Pub Poker


Back home in the UK, APAT’s Live Pub Poker League (LPPL) hosted for the 12th year the UK Pub Poker Championship during their Festival Of Pub Poker, and with 12 events over the weekend the highlights were certainly the National Championship and the Champion of Champions events, the former crowning Viktors Kursitis (Midlands League) as the newest UK Pub Poker Champion (who also went on to Final Table the Champion of Champions), and with Dan Tyler (also from the Midlands League) becoming the latest Champion of Champions.