Redfern Wins Second Bracelet On Red Hot Day Three

The third day of the five day APAT WCOAP festival saw another two bracelets awarded, and the first day one of the main event where 239 players took to the felt and by the close only 33 remained led by Scunthorpe player, Natalia Breviglieri.

The chip leaders:

Natalia Breviglieri 306000
Ryunosuke Mason-brown 242800
Jean-michel Ballocchi 198700

The last WCOAP main event, won by Dave “NoShoes” Garden, attracted 462 runners and the field by the close of entries on Sunday’s day 1b looks set to eclipse that record-breaking field.

Saturday’s first side event saw the APAT WCOAP HORSE Championship, always a popular inclusion on the schedule, with mixed game devotees enjoying the range of games on offer. 40 players entered and the title, bracelet and ISPT day 1 seat was won by Leon Blackwell ahead of Bryn Green and Gary Jackson.

1 Leon Blackwell £680.00
2 Bryn Green £500.00
3 Gary Jackson £360.00
4 Duncan Hodgkins £200.00
5 Kevin O Hanlon £140.00
6 Karl Bursford £120.00

Finally, Saturday saw the APAT Cash Championship, a relatively new concept that saw a sold out field of 40 players sit down with £100 at 50p-£1 blinds and after three hours the top eight stacks took to a final table. Players could leave at any point, but the largest stack at the end of the final three hours won the title, bracelet and an ISPT day one seat. Incredibly, victorious England team captain only a day earlier, Steve Redfern, triumphed, turning his £100 investment into £1,143.50. Chris Webber finished second with £773 and Giuseppe Maggisano of Italy was 3rd with £534.50.

Sunday sees main event 1b, and the APAT WCOAP Pot Limit Omaha and Razz Championship events.