Jan 25, Fri 18:00 Side Event TBC £33+£7
Jan 25, Fri 20:00 Side Event TBC £33+£7

Jan 26, Sat 14:30 Main Event: UK Team Championship (NLHE) Day 1 £75+£12
Jan 26, Sat 20:00 Side Event TBC £33+£7

Jan 27, Sun 12:00 Main Event: UK Team Championship (NLHE) Day 2
Jan 27, Sun 13:00 Side Event TBC £33+£7
Jan 27, Sun 16:00 Side Event TBC £33+£7

ALL Side Events are open to any poker player, whether playing in the UK Team Championship or not.


Teams with 8 players each will compete for both a team and an individual prize pool in the UK Team Championship, which will be run as an MTT with a buyin of £75+£12 per player.

Entry is therefore £87 per player and this will be required to be paid via an Online Holding Tank by INDIVIDUALS – co-ordinated between myself and all Team Captains – each team member will therefore need to have a Grosvenor Poker online account to enable them to register online to play in the UK Team Championship (can download Grosvenor software via HERE).

The total prizepool of £75 per player will be paid out on a 50/50 basis to the top 3 teams and the top 18 (tbc) individual players from the MTT.

The top 120 (tbc) players in the MTT will score points for their team with 1st = 120 pts down to 120th = 1 pt.

Teams are to wear their own matching colour team shirts for both days of the event – if desired, EMBROIDERED POLO SHIRTS OR T-SHIRTS are available from APAT at a subsidised cost of £15 per shirt (reduced from £18).  Shirts include the APAT logo and UK Team Championship event details and team name embroidered onto the shirt breast, and other wording or team logo embroidery is also possible for an additional cost depending on requirements).

To order send a PM via APAT Website to myself via HERE or via Facebook Messenger HERE.

This event has seen huge demand in previous years, and we are expecting similar interest this year.  The event has also on occasion previously suffered from “team last minute dropouts”, and therefore, as we did previously, we will again maintain a reserve list and require all individual team members to pay the entry fee of £87 via Grosvenor Poker in advance by 9pm on Sunday 6th January 2019.  Any team failing to meet the buyin (all 8 members) deadline will have their team entry offered to teams on the reserve list.

Any team that pays the full buyins (all 8 members) and has a last minute need to drop out will have their entry offered to the next team on the reserve list and whichever team takes up this option will have their buyins used to reimburse the team that had to drop out.

The event structure can be found HERE.

APAT Player Of The Year Leaderboard Ranking Points will be awarded for this event, and it is an OPEN event – ie open to ANY poker player.

If you have any questions about the event, feel free to post on this thread or contact me personally by PM on APAT Website via HERE or via Facebook Messenger HERE.




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