Tod Wood Wins English Amateur Championship

Over the weekend of 23rd-24th October 2010 APAT held the latest event in it’s fourth season, sponsored by Betfair, with the English Amateur Poker Championships held at the G Casino, Luton consisting of 176 runners playing to win £3,300 as part of a £13,200 prize pool.

Courtesy of Betfair, the winner of the Championship won an entry to a GUKPT main event as part of an overall sponsorship package where APAT members have the chance to win thirty three seats to GUKPT main events and twenty three seats to APAT Professional League tournaments. In addition, each of the season’s seventy five amateur, professional and online tournaments are being run completely registration free for players.

In addition, the winners of the Online and National Amateur Rankings will join the 17 Amateur Champions from season four and the player with the most points finishes across Amateur and Online events, to compete in the APAT Champions Final, to play for a second APAT £20,000 sponsorship package in 2011.

Early chip leader was Ian Burnett, who was to end the day in a strong position. Notably elsewhere Brian Yates ran well, hitting four sets during mid evening play, then eliminating Carl Lybert when he found Aces. Glen Laming meanwhile found Aces to knock out Gary Phillips who had pocket Queens. Colin McCarthy moved steadily through the field, being chip leader by Level ten and holding that position through the final levels of Day One. McCarthy’s key hand, which set him on the path to a big stack, was when he was all in with Pocket Eights against Pocket Kings, and hit a four flush to outdraw and double up.

At the end of Day One the five chip leaders, of the 24 remaining players who included three APAT National Champions, were as follows:

Colin McCarthy 157,600
Paul Petcher 151,500
Glen Laming 131,900
Brian Yates 119,500
Ian Burnett 109,300

As Day Two ran to a final Tod Wood became a big chip leader. Firstly knocking out Brian Yates with Kings against Queens and then the dangerous Jeldon Fernandes. Glen Laming was unfortunate, losing with Aces and Jacks, both out-drawn in quick succession to eliminate him. Ian Burnett knocked out Tim Magnus in 12th and Paul Petcher accounted for to Andy Barnes in 11th.

The final table line up was as follows:

1 Gary Haselgrove (Aylesbury) 249,000
2 Joe Legge (Birmingham) 114,000
3 Ian Burnett (Haworth) 216,000
4 Todd Wood (Birmingham) 412,000
5 Brett Pinder (Nottingham) 83,000
6 Paul Petcher (Leicester) 172,000
7 Colin McCarthy (Norfolk) 155,000
8 Phillip Mildon (Brighton) 96,000
9 James Edwards (Wolverhampton) 88,000
10 Michael Martin (Richmond) 151,000

Blinds on the final began at 5,000-10,000 with an Average stack of 176,000.

The first exit of the final was on the first hand, Tod Wood with Queens knocking out Brett Pinder who held Jacks. Wood then eliminated Philip Mildon in ninth to consolidate what was by now a commanding chip-lead.

Wood had one hand on the title when Haselgrove raised, Wood pushed King-Queen of Spades and Haselgrove called all in with Jacks. A queen on the flop saw Haselgrove finish 8th. Paul Petcher finished 7th when his King-ten failed to outdraw Wood’s Ace-Seven.

Joe Legge was knocked out by James Edwards in 6th, before Ian Burnett saw off Michael Martin with Pocket Jacks against Ace-Four.

Four handed Edwards ran Pocket Sevens into McCarthy’s Kings to leave us with Burnett, Wood and McCarthy fighting over the medals and the title.

Three handed McCarthy was very unlucky. Blind on blind his Kings were outdrawn by Wood’s Jack-eight suited, which hit two pair on the flop. Heads up Wood ran well again, winning a race against Burnett, King-Queen against Jacks, Queen on the flop, and on the river to seal victory.

So Tod Wood became the APAT English Amateur Poker Champion 2010 winning £3,300 and a GUKPT Main Event seat.

In the £250 Pot Limit Hold Em Professional series event, series leader Stephen Boyd won his second event of 2010, beating Simon John and James Eccles to the victory, while Andy Duncan won the Seven Card Stud Specialist Series event.

APAT now moves to the European Amateur Poker Championship at the G Casino Coventry at the end of November. Further details can be found in the forum.