Whilst looking ahead to the forthcoming APAT High Roller, congrats to the 5 players who qualified straight into that from a live DTD Satellite on Day 1 at DTD:








However, it was the UK PLO Championship that kicked off proceedings on Wednesday evening, with a full schedule of events to come thereafter:


UKCOAP Schedule of Events

DateStartLR EndEventBuy-inFormatStackClock
Mon 15 May20:0021:25APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Online Day 1) £50,000 GTD £100+£20Daily Freezeout100k10 min
Wed 17 May19:0021:15APAT UK PLO Amateur Poker Championship£50+£10Freezeout50k20 min
21:0023:15APAT High Roller Satellite£34+£6RE20k15 min
Thu 18 May18:0021:35APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1A) £50,000 GTD £100 + £20Daily Freezeout100k25 min
19:0021:15APAT UK Triple Stud Amateur Poker Championship£50+£10Freezeout50k20 min
21:0023:15APAT High Roller Satellite£34+£6RE20k15 min
Fri 19 May17:0021:30APAT High Roller£300 + £401RE150k30 min
18:0021:35APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1B) £50,000 GTD £100 + £20Daily Freezeout100k25 min
19:0021:20APAT UK HORSE Amateur Poker Championship£100+£20Freezeout50k25 min
Sat 20 May13:0016:35APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1C) £50,000 GTD £100 + £20Daily Freezeout100k25 min
13:0015:20APAT ROE (NLHE/PLO) Amateur Poker Championship£50+£10Freezeout100k25 min
17:0020:35APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 1D) £50,000 GTD £100 + £20Daily Freezeout100k25 min
20:0022:15WPT SATELLITE£56 + £9RE20k15 min
Sun 21 May13:00-APAT UK Amateur Poker Championship (Day 2/FT)---40 min
14:0016:20APAT UK Bounty Hunter Championship£50+£50+£20Freezeout50k25 min
17:0019:15APAT Deep and Steep£50+£10RE50k15 min
19:0021:15WPT SATELLITE£56+£9RE20k15 min


With behind the scenes action on the DTD feature table…



The action up front was for the UK PLO CHAMPIONSHIP Freezeout, with £50+£10 buy-in, topping out at 96 unique entries generating a £4,800 prize fund with £1,560 up top for the winner.


1st £1,560
2nd £1,000
3rd £600
4th £430
5th £315
6th £240
7th £190
8th £145
9th £120
10th £100
11th £100


First to secure some of that cash in 11th position was John O’Reilly, with Sophie Clarke departing in 10th – both picking up a £100 min cash.



Seat Name Surname Stack
1 Mihail Popa 740,000
2 Simon Trumper 745,000
3 Grant Mason 270,000
4 Craig Bickerton 260,000
5 Haresh Thaker 560,000
6 Jo Chillmaid 160,000
7 Daniel Rogers 880,000
8 Harry Chapman 620,000
9 Colin Andrews 170,000


Colin Andrews was first to depart in 9th for £120 at the hands of Jo Chillmaid, only for Jo to follow in 8th for £145 just prior to a Flopped pot of 2s 3c 7d saw 300k in the middle – with Mihail Popa and Simon Trumper both getting it All In, with Simon at risk of elimination, but ahead… and he was saved when Mihail completely missed the Board and Simon scoped around 1m chips.


Haresh Thaker left in 7th (£190) with Grant Mason picking up £240 for 6th before it was all over for Mihail Popa in 5th when his JJA3 ran into QQJ4 which held – he earned £315.


Simon Trumper went on a run as he doubled through Harry Chapman before picking up a 850k pot with his 7 (only) playing of his 4h 7h 10c Jd.


Craig Bickerton got involved when he bet 300k on the River with 1 pair, only to see Dan Rogers make a hero call with his 72off playing for 2 pair and Dan took a circa 1.2m pot – before Craig departed next having shoved with 4 10 J Q but completely missed – 4th spot for £430.


Simon Trumper got his last 550k over the line holding 3d 6d 6h As against the 5c 8d Jd Qd but had no luck when Dan hit a straight to send Simon to the rail in 3rd for £600 and Championship Bronze Medal.



Heads Up flew through… Harry Chapman with 10s Jh Qh Kc found himself at risk of elimination against Dan Rogers’ 6h 8s Js Jd and with the Board 3h 6s 7h 10h 3c Harry Chapman picked up £1,000 and Championship Silver Medal.



And huge congrats to the UK PLO Championship Dan Rogers

£1,560 and Championship Gold Medal.



Tom Brady
APAT Operations Director
Live Events & Tour

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