WCOAP Bracelets for 7-card Stud and Mixed (ROE)

WCOAP 2016, DAY 4: Attracting an excited field for 7-card Stud, they were slowly reduced to a Final Table 8 when in Level 12 with an Ante/Bring In of 500 with limits 1500/3000

Kev O’Hanlon 90k
Rikky Wingate 37k
Ananda Maharjah 8.5k
Vince Eley 22k
Warren Coleman 35.5k
Stefan Roder 12k
Alex Polnarev 68k
Jonathan Dugdan 16k

Outlasting all was Alex Polnarev taking the Bracelet, with Kev O’Hanlon Silver and Warren Coleman Bronze.

The Mixed ROE (NLHE/PLO) reached a Final Table of 9:

Chris Webber 27,400
Darius Dulskis 127,400
Mauro Suriano 28,800
Egidisus Alsousyos 44,500
Terry Cassidy 65,400
Daniele Carminetti 137,200
Kevin Shutt 77,700
Javan Houssan 105,700
Simon Lawlor 76,000

It took circa 30 minutes to reduce the field to 4-handed with Kevin Shutt just missing out on a Championship medal, and Darius Dulskis taking the Bronze.

A well fought Heads Up battle between Daniele Carminetti and Simon Lawlor lasted for over an hour before Simon took Silver and Daniele being crowned Mixed ROE Champion.