WCOAP bracelets for 8-Game Players Championship, NLHE 3X and Mix Max

WCOAP 2016, DAY 2: The second day of the WCOAP saw the conclusion of the 8-Game Players Championship when the Final Table of 7 resumed for the 2 Day event, with 3 APAT regulars holding the top 3 chip stacks:

1 168k Jen Yue Chiang

2 251k Gianluca Farabella

3 349k Ady Lovelock
4 219k Alex Kiy
5 275k Haresh Thaker
6 880k Dai Llewellan
7 444k Dann Williams

With Dai departing in 3rd, it was Ady Lovelock and Haresh Thaker Heads Up and after a period of to-and-fro with chips, in Stud Hi-Lo Ady makes a straight and gets a call from Haresh and recovers a lot of chips but Haresh is still ahead 1.6m v 1m.


During PLO A big win for Ady when Haresh raises to 210k and Ady re-raises to 500k. The Flop is 9c 9s 3d and Ady moves all in and Haresh folds and Ady shows Kh Kd 9h 10c – taking a 1m pot and takes another huge pot next hand before taking the title soon after.


The NLHE 3X (1 Rebuy and 1 Addon) got to four handed with chip counts for the final 4:

Chris Keyworth – 180k
Andrei Cucu – 100k
James Swift – 300k
Tong Zhang – 65k


Soon after Heads Up was fought between James and Chris when James finds pocket 9’s and moves all in, Chris has Ks Jc and makes the call and Board comes Ah Js 8s and Chris takes the lead and is two cards away from the win – Ad on the turn and 3s on the river and James is our silver place finisher and Chris our NLHE 3X Champion.


The final event of Day 2 concluded with 3 APAT regulars in the medal positions – Dawn Cook, Tom Clarke and Simon Brooke – with Dawn and Simon fighting out Heads Up for over an hour, it was when Blonds were 10k/20k that Simon pushed his 332k stack against Dawn’s 700k and Dawn made the call holding Ah 9d… Simon flips over Jh Qc and when the Flop runs out Kh Js Ks to push Simon ahead… only for the Turn As to put Dawn back in front and the River 8s keeping her there to be crowned Mix Max Champion.