WCOAP Day 7: Italy Become Campioni Del Mondo!

Day 7 at the World Championship of Amateur Poker saw bracelets awarded in event #11 World Amateur Team Championship, event #14 Shootout Championship and event #15 Crazy Pineapple Championship.  In addition, day 1a of the Cash Championship was played.

Event #11 World Amateur Team Championship was a close run affair througout, with several countries still in contention for the title and medal placings when we reached the points scoring positions in the fifth and final phase of play, late on day 2 of the event.

However, it took an outstanding team performance by all 4 Italian players in that final event to finally secure the title for the 2014 silver medal winning Italian team – captained by leading individual player Luca Cannella.  The Italians were followed in second position by Ireland, with Germany reversing a slow start on day 1, to take the bronze.  Scotland, who were rarely out of the top three placings across both days, finally lost their campaign for a medal due to early exists in phase 5.  Defending champions France, who were also in contention throughout, also faltered in the final phase, drifting back to fifth in the placings.

The final result was:-

  Country    P1    P2    P3    P4    P5    Overall
   Italy    12    27    19    23    79    160
   Ireland    12    17    24    29    44    126
   Germany    0    12    23    38    22    95
   Scotland    8    18    32    24    10    92
   France    4    32    25    17    10    88
   Portugal    16    12    15    3    39    85
   Spain    8    15    17    15    29    84
   England    0    25    25    20    0    70
   Belgium    12    29    10    13    3    67
   Wales    8    9    6    14    0    37

The Italian team received congratulations on many fronts, but particularly back home:

Elsewhere on day 7, Antony Wickert took down the 66 player event #14 Shootout Championship.  Wicket beat close friend John Black heads up, with APAT legend Carl Pilgrim taking bronze.

Antony Wickert

Antony Wickert

117 players took part in event #16 Crazy Pineapple Championship, which was making its WCOAP debut this year.  In an event that received great feedback from the players, it was Joonas Powry who took the bracelet, beating Warren Kappel heads up, with Ireland’s Mark Lassman taking bronze.

Joonas Poyry

Joonas Poyry

For more details on each event, see the live event board.