WCOAP HORSE and PLO8 Champions crowned…

The much talked about WCOAP HORSE attracted 38 players who were reduced to a Final Table of 8 after circa 7 hours play:

55k Andrew Murrie
51k Richard Breen
50k John Kent
38k Jozsef Erdos
33k Antony Price
26k Edward Jackson-Spivack
25k Jonathan Dugdall
16k Chris Webber

and after the elimination of Richard Breen in Bronze Medal position, it was down to Joszef Erdos and Andrew Murrie Heads Up for the Championship title, which was a brief affair with All In action on the first hand with Andrew on 278k chips and Jozsef on 26k. Andrew had an extraordinary run for the few hours leading up to Heads Up, and holding 7c 2s his huge chip advantage was up against the Ac 2c of Joszef, and with the Board running out 9d 6h Jh 7h 8s Andrew triumphed for the title.

HORSE Medal Winners:

Andrew Murrie – £690, Gold Medal & WCOAP Bracelet
Joszef Erdos – £475, Silver Medal
Richard Breen – £300, Bronze Medal

Alongside HORSE, with a later starting time, 75 runners bought into the PLO8 (High/Low) Championship event. They fought and battled and eventually, with an unexpectedly late finish time and after a roller coaster Heads Up, APAT regular Steve Roderick (more fondly known as ‘Rodders’) took Gold Medal and WCOAP Bracelet position, with the runner-up Silver Medal going to Adrian Lack and Bronze to Edgard Uribe.