Yorkshire First With Coral UK Amateur Poker Championship

Not only has APAT this weekend crowned the new UK Amateur Poker Champion, but it was done at the Grosvenor Westgate Casino, Leeds – a first-ever visit to Yorkshire for APAT.

Action got under way on Saturday 11th October at 2:30pm  and with 123 players was fast and furious in the first five levels where the field dropped to under 100  – quite surprisingly as the APAT traditional structure allows for plenty of play.

A welcome break after six levels of play brought an added bonus of a free buffet for players, before play ended for Day 1 after eleven levels, around 1am, with some big stacks in play amongst the 31 returning players:

133,500 Rob Swindells
128,200 Martin Paul
106,975 Craig Dawson
98,450 Ryan Pearson
82.550 Carol Norris
78,525 Scott Berridge
76,400 Ken McBride
76,575 Howard Newman
73,025 Gareth Jones

Completing soon after the Main Event ceased for Day 1 was the UK NLHE £25 Side Event, where Amjun Parwez Salam took the top prie of £305, and APAT regulars JP Round (£250) and Liam Crawford (£75) finished in the Top Five, earning valuable APAT Rankings leaderboard points towards the Season 8 title.

Holding up the Main Event Day 2 table was Peter Cook with a stack of 9,975, a former Live Pub Poker League National Champion who had won a package for this weekend through LPPL, and it was only a few minutes into Day 2 when he found A8 attractive enough to shove his 10k stack, only to be called by pocket 10s with no help on the board he departed in 31st position.

Ken McBride dropped down to a chip and a chair when he found himself 4-betting for 78k all in with his Ad Ah only to be called by Ryan Pearson’s Ac Qs, who had 3-bet to 12k, and on a board of Qh 10h Js, the Turn Jh gave Ken some hope, but no relief came on the river with Qd doubling up Ryan, and very soon after Ken departed.

Dave Battersby took a nice 50k pot off Paul Harrison with Qh against Jh on a board 2h Kh 9h 8h Ad, a tough one for Paul to get away from

Rob Swindells, holding Kd 10d found himself pushing the turn on a 10h 8h 5c 7d board and got snapped called by Jc Jd, only to see a 10s on river and move him to a 100k stack.

Rob Swindells picked up another decent pot when his pocket bullets eliminated Gareth James’ 77, Rob hitting an Ace on flop to completely crush Gareth’s chances, only for Gareth to see a 7 on the Turn and some renewed hope but with a J on river Gareth departed in 19th place.

Peter Gowthorpe 3 bet all in for 82k before a long time thinking Rob Swindells calls – Peter tables Ks Js and Rob Ad Qd with a board of 10h 3h 5c 2h 9s eliminated Peter.  Meanwhile Carl Norris doubles up to 230k with a board of 2d 8c 8h Kh 6h good enough for his Ad Kh.

Rob Swindells enjoyed a tremendous run, taking out Kevin Taylor and then shortly afterwards taking out Ryan Pearson – Ryan Kc Qc – Rob As 9s – Board 5s Ac 3h Ad 6c eliminated Ryan and on the Bubble it was eventually burt with the departure of Dave Scothern in 14th.  At this point the clear chip leader was Rob Swindells with 325k, followed by Carl Norris on 205k, Zac Crosland 155k, Mike Sharkey 135k, Craig Dawson 120k and Scott Berridge 120k.

In the money, and on Level 17 with blinds at 4k/8k/1200, a few players departed quickly, including Rob Swindells accounting for yet another victim with his Kc 8C holding up against Diane Farrell’s Jc 9c, and soon afterwards the Final Table bubble burst with the departure of Arthur Hirst in 10th, and at the start of Level 18 the blinds are 5k/10k/1k with an average stack of 205k:

Final Table:

360k Rob Swindells
280k Carl Norris
250k Dave Battersby
220k Scott Berridge
204k Martin Paul
200k Mike Sharkey
110k Zac Crosland
91k Tom Masterman
90k Bill Sheppard

After the dinner break action with aplenty, with a few large chopped pots, including Tom Masterman (Ah Qs) and Dave Battersby (As 8d) getting it all in pre-flop and a board running out 6h 3d 2c 3c 6d with the River saving Dave.  Bill Sheppard gets it all in with Ah Qh against Rob Swindells Ac 7c and board of Ks 9h Kh 9s 6d again giving a chop.  Martin Paul and Dave Battersby then got it all in pre-flop with Martin’s As 6h holding up against Dave’s Kd Qd and board 6c 6s 7c 9s Ad.

Rob Swindells’ run continued, with a board 6d 9c 10c 5s Kd and his Jh Qh eliminating Zac Corsland in 9th for £240.  Dave Battersby soon doubled up Carl Norris when his 3h 3c wasn’t good enough for Carl’s Ah Jd on a board Ac 5s 5d Js 7h and Carl back up to 260k.

Tom Masterson - 7th UK Amateur Poker Championship

Tom Masterman – 7th

Mike Sharkey and Martin Paul then locked horns with a pre-flop raise and re-raise seeing a flop of Jd 9h 8h – Martin shoved the flop and was called by Mike – Martin tables Ks Kc for an overpair, only to see Mike flip over Js 9s for top two pair – Turn 4h and River Ac was no help for Martin and he departed in 8th for £270.

On Level 20 with blinds 8k/16k/2k we lost Tom Masterman in 7th for £310 when his Qh Qd against Rob’s As Ks draws an Ah on the flop with no help further for Tom.

Bill Sheppard - 6th

Bill Sheppard – 6th



Next hand and Bill Sheppard gets his stack all in with Ad 5c to be called by Dave Battersby’s Ac 10h and board Qh 4h 2h 8h Jc giving Dave the flush and eliminating Bill in 6th spot for £420 – and his first APAT live cash.

Mike Sharkey was playing a tight game but it didn’t stop Dave Battersby calling him off pre-flop, with Dave’s Jc Qs against Mike’s Qc Qd not improving and Mike doubling up to 370k.  Dave then picks up 2c 2d and shoves his stack only to be called by Mike with 10c 10s and a board of 9h 6c Jc 8s 9s saw Dave depart in 5th spot and £590.

Dave 'Donny Dave' Battersby 5th

Dave ‘Donny Dave’ Battersby – 5th


Now on the APAT Medal bubble:

680k Mike Sharkey
540k Rob Swindells
320k Carl Norris
285k Scott Berridge


Scott Berridge scoops a few pots with his all in pushes getting through without any opposition, but is eventually called by Mike when he pushes with Ac Qh and Mike shows As Kd, and with no help on the board he departs with £810 in 4th spot – just shy of the medals.

Rob raises pre-flop and is called by Mike, board 2c 2d 5c is followed by Rob betting 40k and Mike calling.  Turn 4d and Mike checks, Rob bets 60k and Mike calls.  Ks on River and Mike bets 125k only for Rob to shove his stack, which after a count requested by Mike is another 180k and he makes the call – Rob tables Ac 2s for trip 2s, and Mike elects to show his defeated 4h 6c.

Mike Sharkey - Silvery Medalist

Mike Sharkey – Bronze Medalist


Mike has been in the thick of the action, and when Carl raised pre-flop Mike shoved, to be called by Carl.  Mike shows Ks 10c but is dominated by Carl’s Ah 10h.  An Ac on the flop crushes Mike, but Ks on turn gives him some relief, but 3h shatters his dreams – Mike departs in 3rd spot with £1,190 and a Bronze medal.




Heads Up we have Rob Swindells on just over 1m chips, and Carl Norris on circa 850k.

Rob (left) v Carl

Rob (left) v Carl


Both players aren’t afraid to get involved and soon we have a pre-flop push from Rob called by Carl – Rob 9s 10d against Carl’s As Qs doesn’t improve on a board 7h 5s 5h 7c Qh and Rob is reduced to 175k.  Rob quickly gets his stack in with Ac 6h called by Carl with Qh 9c, and with an Ah on flop Rob doubles to 350k – 10 BBs.



Elsewhere the UK PLO £25 Side Event concludes with Liam Alcock, fresh from his WSOP Final Table this year, taking it down for a £340 payday.

Back at the Main Event, unsurprisingly, Rob pushes his stack from the button and is snapped by Carl.  Rob has Qh 7c and Carl flips Kd Qc, dominating Rob.  Flop 3s Ks 2c crushes Rob, and Turn 4d and meaningless 3d on River brings the event to an end – Rob Swindells 2nd with £1,825 and Silver Medal, meaning Carl Norris has a £2,815 payday, a Gold Medal and title of UK Amateur Poker Champion.

Rob Swindells - Silver Medalist

Rob Swindells – Silver Medalist

Carl Norris - Gold Medal and UK Amateur Poker Champion

Carl Norris – Gold Medal and UK Amateur Poker Champion









1st Carl Norris, added value WCOAP ME Seat + £2,815 + Gold Medal + UK Amateur Poker Champion
2nd Rob Swindells £1,825 + Silver Medal
3rd Mike Sharkey £1,190
4th Scott Berridge £810
5th Dave Battersby £590
6th Bill Sheppard £420
7th Tom Masterman £310
8th Martin Paul £270
9th Zac Corsland £240
10th Arthur Hirst £210
11th Diane Farrell £195
12th Craig Dawson £175
13th Howard Newman £175
14th Dave Scothern
15th Ryan Pearson
16th Kevin Taylor
17th Peter Gowthorpe
18th Duncan Godfrey